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3D Guided Dental Implants

Precise & Minimally Invasive Way To Place Dental Implants

Guided implant surgery is a breakthrough technology which offers benefits previously unknown in implant dentistry. Guided implant surgery is a procedure in which precision surgical instrumentation is used in conjunction with three-dimensional CT images. Dedicated computer software, which allows visualization and manipulation of the images of the patient’s jaw bone and surrounding tissue, makes it possible for the most accurate approach to implant surgery. Traditional surgical guides are difficult to use predictably when there are no apparent anatomic references.

This revolutionary system offers:

  • A more precise implant placement location site
  • Reduces the time that is necessary for implant surgery
  • In some cases, eliminates the need for flap surgery and/or bone grafts
  • Fewer unexpected findings during the surgery itself
  • Preserves vital anatomic structures since we can plan the restoration procedure around natural bone anatomy

At Terrace Oaks Dental, we used Vatech Green CT in conjunction with our digital impression to create a perfect plan for our implant surgery cases.

Panoramic X-Ray
CT X-Ray
Screenshot of a computer generated CT guided implant model

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