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Your First Visit

Welcome to Your New Dental Office!

We love our new patients!

This is our opportunity to provide you with a dental experience that only Terrace Oaks Dental can provide and we're excited to meet you for the first time!

During your first visit to our dental practice, you will walk into a modern office where you'll be greeted with friendly faces around every corner. You will notice our commitment to excellent and comfortible dentistry by the various high-tech equipment set-up throughout our practice.

We've gone to great lengths thinking about what it's like to be our patients and how to provide an amazing dental experience from the time you walk through our doors all the way to smiling on your way out before we meet again.

We are here to answer any questions you may have and walk you through what to expect.

Here's everything you'll need to know before your first appointment with Terrace Oaks Dental:

  1. Booking Your Appointment

    Everything starts with requesting an appointment for your furst visit. Let us know when works best for you and we'll make it work! Call our office at (813) 985-6606 or request a dental appointment online.

  2. New Patient Forms

    As a new patient, we'll collect some information about you, your health, and dental concerns. We take your safety and goals very seriously and this step helps us determine the best services to provide you with. As a convenience, you can easily and securely fill out your new patient forms right here on our website before your first visit.

  3. Dental Insurance

    We are happy to accept most dental insurances and will work with your insurance on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your insurance. We ask that you please bring your dental insurance policy or membership plan with you to your first appointment.

  4. Brush & Floss

    Before your first visit, please brush and floss before coming in to get the most out of your exam. Teeth without the days breakfast or lunch are easier to work with! ;-)

  5. Welcome In!

    When you walk through our front door, you'll be welcomed by our office manager who will greet you with a smile and help prepare for your appointment. As soon as we're ready to see you, an assistant will greet you and take you to a super cool, modern and state-of-the-art treatment room.

  1. Your First Exam

    We tailor every experience unique to you and your smile so before we begin, we'll discuss any concerns with your smile as well as your goals. After a careful visual exam, we may also take dental x-rays to further help with any diagnosis or detect any other issues that may be below the surface.

  2. Treatment Plan

    If you're seeing us for a specific dental issue, after your exam, we will thoroughly detail a course of treatment that's specific to you and go over any alternatives. We'll run through everything from how long it could take, the costs associated and the expected outcome.

  3. Questions

    We will answer any questions or concerns you have with your treatment plan. We want you to be 100% comfortable and confident with everything.

  4. Schedule Your Next Appointment

    Before you leave, we'll schedule your next appointment be it for treatment or a routine cleaning. Our front office team will help you pick a date and time that's most convenient for you!

    See you next time!

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